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Guidelines for Use

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You must be aged 18 or over to use this service.

PlusChat is a new online space where you can enjoy the company of others in a group setting or chat privately.
For your first visit you will be asked to choose a username and password. (It might help you to write these down). After the initial registration process you can re-join the service at any time using your username and password. Usernames are usually nicknames or abbreviations of a real name. It is not customary to use identifiable names in chatrooms.
The system will keep you logged in unless you choose to quit or disconnect. This means that you will be able to gain access from any device using your log in and you won't miss any chat while you were afk.

First Steps

Joining in a conversation for the first time.
After an initial exchange of greetings wait for an opportunity to comment when you have a contribution to make. This may be sooner than you'd think so don't be shy. The basic rules of conversation are just as they are in any social setting. Be nice, be reasonable. Don't be rude or offensive and join in when you have something to add or to answer a question. You may of course, start a fresh conversation if appropriate. It helps to engage if you ask open-ended questions requiring more than a 'yes or no' answer. Use the 'Super Six': Who, What, Where, Why and When or How. Enjoy your stay and have fun!

Online Safety Guide

Staying safe online can seem like a challenge as 99% of the people you encounter will be normal, decent and fair individuals who simply want to enjoy the company of others while the remaining 1% will comprise of a range of maladjusted individuals who accept social exclusion as a fact of life.
The basics are:

Be aware that the person you're talking to may not be who or what they claim to be.
Be Safe! Don't allow yourself to be groomed by appeals to your generosity, compassion, or vanity.
Please report any suspect malicious behaviour.
We advise against meeting strangers offline but this will be a decision only you can make for yourself. If you are considering it please follow the guidelines and never meet alone in a secluded place away from others.


As adults we are all responsible for the protection of our identity and privacy and we accept no responsibility for individuals who make sensitive information about themselves public knowledge although we very strongly advise extreme caution in this.
We have no commercial interest in your use of the services we offer.
We do not store any personal information in compliance with GDPR. We don't even use cookies!

Code of Conduct

We are committed wholeheartedly to freedom of speech and expression but unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated. While understanding that discussions can occasionally result in regrettable language and behaviour we do not accept that this is inevitable and we expect a reasonable degree of self-moderation in this.
Extremes will be dealt with in short measure as we strive to provide an atmosphere where our users feel comfortable and free from verbal abuse, threats or harrassment, discrimination or prejudice. Targeted abuse toward individuals will not be tolerated. If a situation is giving you cause for concern please report this. Issues will be dealt with in complete confidence.
Staff are here to help you navigate the various options within this chat space. Just ask.

Thank you for your ongoing support, your contributions are what makes us great. Comments, ideas and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged. Please tell your friends about our chat service.

We welcome volunteers willing to spare us some free time to help monitor and moderate our rooms. Do you have good people skills, social skills and experience? Training and Mentoring will be provided. We are always on the lookout for Radio DJ's and Quizmasters. Have fun entertaining our online community. If you can assist in any area of the chat experience please let us know.