Chiropody with Sandra Rutt. MSSCh MBChA HCPC:

Who will benefit from chiropody care?

Most foot complaints if allowed to progress without treatment cause discomfort and unnecessary pain and suffering which can result in severe and debilitating conditions. 80% of us will require treatment at some time of our lives. Corns, verrucae, bunions or ingrown toenails need not be endured and treatment brings tremendous relief. Flaky yellow nails are indicative of fungal nail which should be treated before it spreads to neighbouring nails. You should also visit your chiropodist if you suffer from pain at the nail edge or from thickened nails. Foul foot odour or athlete's foot can be resolved simply by breaking the re-infect cycle. Cracked heels and callous caused by dry feet bring their own problems. Chiropodists receive extensive training in the special needs of diabetic patients. With an ever ageing population good general footcare is more important than ever before if we are to enjoy our prolongued twilight years.

Training Sandra trained at The SMAE Institute. Established in 1919 The SMAE is the oldest and foremost school of it's kind, a totally independent organisation professionally recognised and highly regarded in the private sector. As a qualified Chiropodist Sandra is registered with the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council)hcpc website registration number CH22880

What's the difference between a Pedicure Treatment and Chiropody Treatment?